We invite you to our newest attraction at the Miniature Park of the Lower Silesian Monuments. Here, the youngest visitors, as well as visitors from outside the Park, will experience gigantic fun on our Bouncy Castles and with our other attractions.

  • 58-530 Kowary, ul. Zamkowa 9
  • tel. +48 669 955 994
  • Open daily: 09:00 - 18:00

In this holiday the sun shines brighter and brighter and our Park of Bouncy Castles shows itself from its best side.
Our new attractions delight young and old and the burned energy can be recovered in our BURGER BAR and our outdoor Café.
The sun's rays in conjunction with our beautiful flower arrangements ... a feast for the eyes. Look for yourself:



Daily from 09:00 to 18:00!

The second season of our newest attraction has just begun - PAŁACOWA BAWIALNIA - Park of Bouncy Castles. This year we have even more castles so more to jump, slide down - simply more fun! Our outdoor Café offers coffee, cakes, ice cream, fresh juices, and above all a perfect place to watch the youngest children play.

Daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

Looking at the pictures below? This is our new Burger Bar. There we offer culinary delights - a unique attraction at the Miniature Park. This is the only "Food Truck" in the area - a mobile bar, where you can enjoy different specialties. Food trucks are very popular worldwide, our Burger Bar is the first in Kowary, Karpacz and the entire Giant Mountains!
What to expect at the Burger Bar? First of all, wonderful burger with beef and fresh vegetables - flavorful and juicy! For vegetarians we have of course different salads, cooked with passion and served with a smile by the crew of the Burger Bar! So ... enjoy your meal and see you at the Burger Bar!

Already next week the sun will be back again an shine on the Miniature Park. Guests which are exploring our miniatures will get a nice dose of vitamin D. For our youngest guests opened this season a unique playground "Pałacowa Bawialnia"! Here we present the newest attractions:

"CROCO-DILE" - is a mobile, inflatable crocodile! Courageous ones can look into the big mouth and ... count the teeth.

PADLERKI - a children's pool with small boats.

RETRO BUS - a unique vehicle in the style of the 20s, where we serve home-made dishes made with fresh, quality ingredients. Burgers, salads and other dishes that will tantalize the taste buds - opening ... SOON.

CAFE - a "zone of peace" in the "Pałacowa Bawialnia", which is frequently used by our older guests. The café is outdoors, while providing plenty of shade to relax over a cup of coffee or a refreshing soda.

For our guests the "Pałacowa Bawialnia" costs with discount only 10 / day

After a few days of cold and rain the sunny weather comes back to us! The weather forecast promises a lot of sun in the coming days, like at the beginning of June. This makes us very happy, because on sunny days our Park will be besieged by guests, which like to stay until the evening!

Of course, at nice days our bouncy castles are full of laughing children. The land of inflatable castles, is our latest attraction and was already shown on Czech television. The video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zs9BEGlMNE .

We invite all our little guests to our new play area! Exactly on Children's Day, we opened directly next to our Park a new attraction. Anyone who wants can slide, climb or romp on giant inflatable bouncy castles. Numerous tunnels, staircases and slides electrified children from day one and many joyfully squealed they had discovered a "secret passage".
Although designed for the little ones, you could see on the faces of the adults that they too would like to "plunge" into the world of inflatables.
Check out our pictures and you will realize that our bouncy castles were besieged by children from the first day of the opening!

The bouncy castles can be used during the opening times of the Miniature Park.

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